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Crystal Lake Association Newsletter April 2013

 Message from the President

As we have watched winter slowly turn to spring, it will not be long before the ice-free lake will have anglers, boaters and swimmers return and start another season of recreational activities on Crystal Lake once again. Just after our local groundhog predicted a long winter and with it, the record high snowfalls, it is amazing that it is 80 degrees as I write this in early April. We are fortunate to live in such a magnificent part of the world.

The Crystal Lake Association is an active part of this community. As an organization, our goal is to preserve and protect Crystal Lake as an environmentally healthy watershed by informing our members and neighbors. Bill Merson, Dave Arzt, Rodger Hosig and Monique Burns’ service on the town’s ad hoc Milfoil Committee has had amazing results in protecting our lake from invasive plants species. In concert with this, I would like to resurrect our spring and fall lake cleanup days. I propose our spring cleanup day for Saturday, June 1st at 10:00 by the Memorial Park at the intersection of West Shore and Sandy Beach Roads. The cleanup lasts about an hour and a half and isn’t too strenuous at all. All members and friends are welcome and it would be great to see some scouting groups, etc., participate this year as well!

In addition to belonging to this organization, please encourage your neighbors to join and participate as well. Our committees are always looking for new members and their fresh ideas and energy.

Current CLA Officers

President: Mark Mickiewicz

Vice President: Bill Merson

Recording Secretary: Monique Burns

Treasurer: Vic Laptik

Corresponding Secretary: Bea Arzt

Milfoil Committee News

Northeast Aquatic Research (NEAR) conducted a Plant Survey of the lake during September 2012. They found no milfoil in the shallow water areas of the lake (up to 5’). Several milfoil plants were found in deeper water (5’ to 10’) off of Aborn Cove, indicating that the cove may be seeding the lake. There is still a large amount of milfoil in the Northeast Cove and Aborn Cove with a few tiny plants along the shore in the Dam Area. The work recommended by NEAR for 2013 will include annual maintenance of the open water areas of the lake for removal of milfoil and the two new invasive plants located during the last two years (Large-Leaf Pondweed and Red-Leaf Pondweed). We will also be targeting Aborn Cove, the outlet channel of Aborn Cove and offshore of the Northeast Cove. NEAR will conduct a plant survey during May to assist in developing the plant removal program. They will also conduct a comprehensive plant survey in the fall to evaluate the effectiveness of the removal program.

Our New Website:

Rodger Hosig has spent a great deal of time in developing our new website:

The new site is updated regularly and is a work in progress that will constantly get better! We have installed our new Boat Launch Camera, now known as “Ramp Cam,” which will provide live, streaming video 24 hours, day and night (with night vision) regardless of the weather. Also, for CLA members, there will be an added benefit of being able to post classified ads in the “Marketplace” section. Whether you have an item for sale or a cottage to rent, this service is free to our members. So please check our website out and thanks, Rodger, for all your hard work! Also please consider becoming a friend of the Crystal Lake Association on our Facebook page (Crystal Lake Association).

Memorial Day Celebration at Crystal Lake

When: Monday May 27, 2013

Time: 9:00 a.m. sharp

Where: on Sandy Beach Rd. Rte 140

The parade starts at the town beach and ends at the cemetery on route 140, just past West Shore Rd.  We need members, friends and family members to march with us for the Crystal Lake Association. We are also in great need of donations of store or baked goods for the reception immediately following the parade. Donations can be muffins, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, fruit or any breakfast finger food of your choice. Donations can be dropped off at the Memorial Park at the corner of West Shore Rd. and Rte 140 at 9:00 am. If you are unable to bring your donation(s) that morning, please call Cheryl at (860) 875-1001 to make other arrangements.

Thanks for your support!!!

Mark Your Calendars….

 Saturday, April 20th: Opening Day!

Saturday, April 20th: Fisherman’s Breakfast, 5:00-10:00 AM at the Crystal Lake United Methodist Church on Route 140, donations appreciated.

Monday, April 22nd: Board of Selectmen Meeting,

   7:00 PM, Crystal Lake School (new school).                

Tuesday, April 23rd: Crystal Lake Association   Meeting, Old Crystal Lake Schoolhouse, 7:00 pm.

Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day Parade

Saturday, June 1st: Spring cleanup, 10:00 am,

   Meet at Memorial park.

Wednesday, July 10th: Crystal Lake Association Meeting, Old Crystal Lake Schoolhouse, 7:00 pm.

Wednesday, September 18th: Crystal Lake Association Meeting, Old Crystal Lake Schoolhouse, 7:00 pm.

Viridian Energy Fundraiser Update

Some of you who’ve been utilizing Viridian Energy for your electricity have commented that you’ve noticed your rates increasing lately. According to Donna French, our Viridian representative, rates are fixed for 6 month periods and then you need to contact Viridian to lock into a fixed rate once again. This fundraiser has raised several hundred dollars for the Crystal Lake Association so it is paying off. Below is an update from Donna French:

“Update on Energy prices: for the past couple months, they have been the highest in years. Good news - prices are now dropping. Connecticut’s new rate will be .0762 or 7.62 cents.

Viridian energy fundraiser has a great fixed rate of 6.99 fixed for 6 months. It’s a great time to get through the summers months at one of the best prices in a long time. Please call me at 413-386-4580 and I will be glad to help you get the new rate. Please have a copy of your electric bill. Thank you for supporting the CLA Fundraiser.”

This Year’s 6th Annual Penguin Plunge

When I wrote last year’s newsletter, I was wondering what this year’s unpredictable weather would bring. In 2011, there was 16” of ice on the lake that had to be cut through for Plungers to participate. And last year, 2012, temperatures were in the 60s! This year’s Penguin Plunge was held on March 23rd, a typical March day with temperatures in the upper 30s but there were winds of 20 mph and up to make conditions seem pretty chilly. Despite the blustery conditions, 113 people braved the winds to plunge into Crystal Lake and raise more than $34,000 for the Special Olympics. Others contributed funds to this cause, but refrained from jumping into the icy water. To quote Michael Kowalczyk who volunteered at the plunge with the South Windsor Fire Department: “I’m a firefighter. I run into burning buildings all the time. But this? No way!” Hats off to all who plunged as well as to all who volunteered and contributed!

Taking Care of Our Lake

Part of our responsibility as lake property owners is to make sure no unauthorized herbicides/pesticides are being put in the lake by individuals. All such chemicals require permits and there are stiff penalties for those who don’t comply. To quote Chuck Lee, Lake Expert at the DEEP: “Application of pesticides without a permit is subject to a civil penalty under the pesticide laws of up to $2500 per day. A new wrinkle is that now aquatic pesticides are regulated by CT under the Federal Clean Water Act through the National Pollution Discharge Elimination program (NPDES) which has maximum civil penalties of 10 times as much – up to $25,000 per day.”

Sailing Classes taught by Walt Moody

An Introduction to Sailing program will be offered for those from ages 10 to 18 years old. An instructor and up to 3 participants will sail an Oday 15’ from the town beach (Sandy Beach) for approxi­mately one hour. Basic instruction in boat safety and handling will be provided. This program is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in June, July and August, with the 4th Sunday in each month slated for the makeup dates. Sessions cost $10 and are limited to one per person. To register, please call the Ellington Recreation Dept. at 860-870-3118.


Crystal Lake Association Newsletter April 2012
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