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Welcome to Crystal Lake, Ellington.

The Town of Ellington and the Crystal Lake Milfoil Committee thank you for taking the time to read the attached important brochure below prepared by the State of Connecticut DEEP about the problem with invasive plants, in our case Eurasian Water Milfoil, which is taking over our Connecticut lakes and streams. This plant, if left unchecked, can infest an area from the shoreline out a distance to a depth of 20 feet. Candlewood Lake is such a lake with this situation.

In our lake, Milfoil thrives in areas such as the dam area and the small cove in the north of the lake and the large cove called Aborn Cove near the town beach. Please take extra care when in these areas and try not to cut the plants.

The Town of Ellington, under the guidance of the Crystal Lake Milfoil Committee has allocated funds to keep Crystal Lake clear of this intruder and continue to keep it clean with annual maintenance called Suction Harvesting. During this process the lake will ALWAYS BE OPEN. PLEASE OBSERVE THE RED DIVER-DOWN FLAGS AND KEEP 100FT AWAY.

It has been determined that this plant travels from lake to lake by ‘Hitchhiking’ on boats and trailers. PLEASE HELP US BY REMOVING FLOATING PIECES OF MILFOIL FROM THE LAKE AND DISCARDING THEM IN THE TRASH.

Please try to inspect your boat and trailer as you travel from lake to lake to prevent ‘a free ride to a new home’ for these plants.

When you arrive home please take the time to wash your boat and trailer before you move to your next fishing day.



Aquatic Hitchhikers - please read
Adobe Acrobat document [3.0 MB]

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05-05-2018:  We held a Crystal Lake road cleanup today. The following volunteers walked the roads and filled several trash bags of various items which people had thrown on the side of the road and at the dam area. Dolores and Al Breton, Bill Brown, Bill Brown III, Dave Gauthier, Missy and Bob Clark, Rex Joffray, Vic Laptik, Monique Lussier, Cindy McNamar, Pat and Joe Neafey. Thanks for helpingkeep our lake area clean!


10-7-17: Sixteen volunteers met at the Skyline Quarry and filled one hundred and fifty sandbags then deposited them near the dam. Jerry Dwyer, Bill Keohane, Maureen Keohane, Dave Gauthier, Dominick Cristelli, Vic Laptik, Thomas Burns, Skylar Burns, Ron Campbell, Leon Veretto, Chris Veretto, Frank Kirchhof, Patty Kirchhof, Joe Breton, Dolores Breton, Al Breton. Thank you all for a fantastic job!

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