2011 Milfoil Update – David Arzt, Chairman, Ad-Hoc Milfoil Committee

The annual maintenance was performed in the main body of the lake to remove a small amount of milfoil and two large beds of Large Leaf Pondweed that were first discovered in 2005 (near the Town Beach and just outside of the Northeast Cove). Approximately 0.8 acre of milfoil was removed from the Dam Area and Aborn Cove. Approximately 1.4 acres remains in the coves.

In 2012 we intend to continue the maintenance work and removal of milfoil in the Dam area, Aborn Cove and Northeast Cove.

The 2011 Aquatic Plant Mapping Report was completed by Northeast Aquatic Research. The open water areas of the lake are in good condition but the remaining milfoil in the coves will be difficult and time consuming to remove. Continued milfoil removal and monitoring of plants in the lake is recommended. See the CLA web site for additional information.

2010 - 2011 Reports

2010-2011 Monitoring Report for Crystal Lake
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2011 Aquatic Plant Mapping for Crystal Lake
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Spring 2011 Distribution Mapping of Variable-Leaf Milfoil
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07-02-2018: Pleaset join us for our July 25th meeting. George Knoecklein from Northeast Aquatic Research will be giving a talk on invastive species, a very important topic for our lake. Please note the meeting will be at the Crystal Lake Unitited Methodist Community Center on Sandy Beach road across from the Elementary School.


05-05-2018:  We held a Crystal Lake road cleanup today. The following volunteers walked the roads and filled several trash bags of various items which people had thrown on the side of the road and at the dam area. Dolores and Al Breton, Bill Brown, Bill Brown III, Dave Gauthier, Missy and Bob Clark, Rex Joffray, Vic Laptik, Monique Lussier, Cindy McNamar, Pat and Joe Neafey. Thanks for helpingkeep our lake area clean!


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