The new items are

1) Milfoil and Grant update

2) The final permit from the CT DEEP is anticipated to be submitted this week.  Discussions with the CT DEEP have indicated a quick review and approval.  We are waiting on the signature of the engineer whose wife just had their third child. There is a small chance that we may have the approval (pending commissioners' signature) by the meeting, but no promises.  Al and Guy will be making a presentation and looking for volunteers.  It appears that the work will be done on 2 or 3 weekends upon starting.  Thanks to Al and Guy for all of their hard work.

About Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is located in the towns of Ellington (Pop. 2007 15,107) and Stafford (Pop. 2007 12,389) Connecticut. The lake has an area of approx. 200 acres, with a maximum depth of 50 feet (15.2 meters) and a mean depth of 20 feet (6 meters). The deepest water is located in the center of the lake. Principally it is fed by Aborn Brook, located at the south end, and the outlet dam is located at the north end of the lake. The ratio of water inflow rate is such that the water in the lake is replaced about once every year.

Artifacts found at the north end of the lake indicate that the Nipmuc Indians resided here and called the lake Wabbaquasset, meaning ‘place where cattails grow’. The lake was origionally called Square Pond or Ruby Lake after the garnets found in the surrounding hills. In 1889 the name was changed to Crystal Lake.

Today, the entire shore is lined by residential property with only one public beach located on Sandy Beach Road (Rt. 140) at the south end of the lake, operated by the Town of Ellington.

The State of Connecticut operates a boat launch located on the West Shore Drive located on the west side of the lake, off Route 30. There are a limited number of parking spaces available for cars with trailers near the ramp. A sanitary facility is located at the parking lot. Sail boats can enjoy ‘quiet time’ on Sundays throughout the summer when the maximum speed for boats is reduced to five (5) mph between the hours of 12 noon and 3 pm.

There are no public boat docking, restaurant or sanitary facilities located on the lake. Food can be purchased at two locations on Rt 30 a short distance from the boat ramp.

Fishing bait can be purchased at a nearby gas station or deli located on Rt 30.

Crystal Lake Sandy Beach


Full Season

June 16-August 17


Weekdays:  12 noon-6:30 pm

Weekends:  11 am-6:30 pm

Residents Daily Fee:

$5.00 Adult 18 & up

$3.00 Child 6-17 yrs

Children under 5 are free

$1.00 Senior Citizens

Non-Residents Daily Fees

$10.00 Adult 18 & up

$5.00 Child 6-17 yrs

Children under 5 are free


$1.00 Senior Citizens


Seasonal Beach Passes


Ellington Residents Only


$45.00 per Family


$25.00 Individual


$10.00 Senior Citizens


Passes may be purchased online through the Activenet system or at the Parks & Recreation Office.


You can reach the Parks and Recreation Office at

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316A Sandy Beach Rd

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Next CLA Meeting - April 27th  7:00 PM

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