12/12/2017: The good news is that we have stopped the Dam erosion. In mid-October we built a temporary coffer dam with 1200 lb. blocks, plywood, tarpand crushed stone to block the water from flowing under the bridge. We then hired a mud sucker truck and removed large quantities of mud, sand, rocks, branches, plastic, etc. We then purchased nine cubic yards of special concrete and had it pumped into the resulting huge hole. This formed a solid wall behind the dam face preventing water flowing through the boulder face. See updated photos below.

The bad news is that mother nature through us a curve ball and deluged us with several days of downpours that overran our coffer dam making it impossible to pour the reinforced concrete slab and key wall. We have been waiting for the level of the lake to drop so we could complete the project but it now appears that we have run out of time this year. As soon as the water level drops next year we will complete the project in three or four days. 

Thanks to all who have contributed and supported this important project. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Al Breton

For more information on the Dam Repair project please click on the Dam Repair link to the left.

10-4-17: The last CLA meeting for the year was held with good attendance and updates. Minutes will be posted on the website soon.

9/6/17: Kayak and boat stickers are now available for CLA members. Please contact Monique Lussier at

7/25/17: From the July 25th CLA Meeting update on the Dam: We have begun purchasing material for the Dam repair. The target date to start is late August or early September. The primary obstacle for starting is the high water level. This makes building a coffer dam to hold back the lake more difficult. Lets hope we don't get a great deal of rain before then.

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10-7-17: Sixteen volunteers met at the Skyline Quarry and filled one hundred and fifty sandbags then deposited them near the dam. Jerry Dwyer, Bill Keohane, Maureen Keohane, Dave Gauthier, Dominick Cristelli, Vic Laptik, Thomas Burns, Skylar Burns, Ron Campbell, Leon Veretto, Chris Veretto, Frank Kirchhof, Patty Kirchhof, Joe Breton, Dolores Breton, Al Breton. Thank you all for a fantastic job!

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